Hack the XBox 360 DVD region code


Damn region codes, always getting in the way of our viewing pleasure. It seems that some nice fellows over at XBH forums have figured out a way to change the values on the DVD region code on hypervisor exploitable XBox 360s.

Since the region code is directly tied in with the CPU key, for now the hack will only work on XBox units with kernel 4532 and 4548. You’ll also have to read/flash the flash chip in order for it to work. This might not be the most practical hack for non-warranty voiders, but hey, if you’re willing to throw caution into the wind then go for it. — Andrew Dobrow

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  1. can the xbox 360 run any dvd of any region code and what is the method pleasae do tell me how can i do it
    i am intrested of getting my xbox 360 capable of playing game dvds with diffrent regional code
    please do help me
    i have made mods but can not play some games as they have dvd region codes diffrent than the xbox360 i have
    thank u

  2. I have a mod on my xbox 360 but some games don’t work because of the region code being incorrect.how do I get my xbox360 to play all region games.please help asap

  3. i have made mods but can not play some games as they have dvd region codes diffrent than the xbox360 i have

  4. I have all region locked games now running on my pal console. took ages, but i had to edit the xex files on the game discs and re-sign them in microsoft digi code.

  5. I have a mod on my xbox 360 but some games dont work because of the region code being incorrect.how do I get my xbox360 to play all region games.please help us……………

  6. hi
    my xbox is flashed but when i try to play some cd`s it gives me the `region code incorrect `thing so could u tell me how to find out what region is the file or how can i unlock the region ISO FIle
    thanks ALOT n please help me

  7. Play Asia is a good website to check for video game region codse. Some video games will work on your Xbox 360 if they are from a different region. I have Tales of Vesperia (NTSC-J) and it works on my system (NTSC-U/C.) I’m more interested in finding out if DVDs will work on my 360. I techniquely have a region 1 Xbox since I bought it in Canada, but I put a region 2 DVD in it and it worked. So some DVDs from other regions might work, but you shouldn’t take your chances unless there is a website that has check the DVD you want to buy.

  8. I have an xbox 360 and was not aware that you couldn’t play discs from other regions. Personally I think its pathetic of microsoft to do such a thing. I recently purchased a game from america that I can not play as a result, xbox’s response was that I wasted my money, but i won’t be beat by them until I find out how to change the stupid region code. Can someone please help?

  9. I have an XBOX that only works region two. I don’t want a full mod, I just want to be able to play US games. Can anyone help?

  10. same problem as everyone else, have an xbox that has been modified from overseas that wont play some games due to the regions being wrong, can someone help me?

  11. I think I should be possible to change ISOs region code for games. If XBC can read the region saying its 0x00000 for Australian, and 0xFFFFF for region free, should exist a way to write the FFFFFF to the ISO image… ideas?

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  12. I think use abgx360

  13. i have an idea !

    why dont the hackers make an application that could change the regin from any region

    to the wanted region.

    for example:

    i have a pal game and my xbox 360 is NTSC/UC

    and the pal game wont work with my NTSC/UC

    so i could use an application to make “my xbox 360 from NTSC/UC to PAL”

    and thats my idea

  14. Yeah .. right an application .. you think so damn fucking easy … ??? do yourself a favour and get the region version of the XBOX .. dont fuckin complain like a bitch and ask hackers to do this and that and if you really think its that easy .. dont you think anyone wud have come with this idea of yours ( btw your idea .. is like a kid in 1st grade cud have thought that before you do ) …

  15. yeah i think ur right…

    but that wasn’t a complain!!

    that was an idea.

    cuz if u know,,,,the hackers had made an application for the original xbox .

    so , i thought they can make a new application for the 360.

    and don’t act like someone who invent the 360.

    so u should shut the fuck up n leave it to the hackers.

  16. I think you all should stop kinking and pimping over each other over & over sucky xbox 360 hacks and cracks !!

    You go buy whatever console u like + 2 original games (having soccer game ofcourse) + what so dummy (GTA IV or similar)

    then fuck every thing else ever after !! and live in peace.

    for me : at the end I decided to buy a nintendo wii + a virtua tennis 2009 game to practice tennis at home ,rather then hooking at the club’s tennis court then meeting my gf, she should come directly to my place and practice more !

  17. yeah dude i think ur right at all

    but wii graphics is very bad and the games are old and all about mario

    so i perfer PS3 cuz the online games dosent required money to buy a card for one mounth!!!

    and never get BANED

  18. i have an NTSC xbox 360.i have flashed it and it is working properly.the only problem i have is that the xbox360 is not region free and i would like to download and burn some games which i like which is not released i the U.S.foe example i want a cricket game but its only released in the uk and australia.i sthere anyway u could help me please.i have spoilt three dl dvds.HELP!!!

  19. heres a unlimited region code for all u xbox 360 games iv been at this for 2 years and i finaly found the wat so im hoing to share it with you

    Region Code: 0xFFFFFFFF Region Free!

  20. I’m gonna use a hammer to region free this banned 360 headache

  21. hay i just got a NTSC-j ant i want to pay nz games how do i do that

  22. Hey, i recently bought a ntsc game from the US and it says incorrect region code!:( but PAL games work on my console i got my console from india but american games dont work on it due to this stupid region code! can someone please help me out with this?!!

  23. Does anyone know if I can take my UK XBOX to India along with games from the UK and be able to use it as well as log onto XBOX live?

    I have read that XBOX consoles are region specific and you can risk damaging the console if it is not designed for a certain area.

    I know games and DVD’s are region locked, but surely the console can be played in other countries as long as its compatible with TV.

    Any help greatly appreciated.

  24. WTF there is no region free code or mod ?!

    great, i have to find a store that sells pal games or super hammer my useless XboX O

    PS3 is fucking damn big mistake
    Xbox 360 is even worse
    Wii is the scum of the past decade

  25. will i think that PC is the best ! I don’t think so.

  26. where to put region code plz help

  27. Simple, flash xbox360 dvd drive firmware, download ISO file, download DVD decrypter, mount ISO on daemon tools rip, select the region you want under then dvd decrypter options and rip an ISO file to the hard drive of your pc. Stealth patch it then burn it to dual layer DVD and play it on the 360.

  28. Im english but i live in france is there any way to change region code so i can watch the online film on my xbox 360?

  29. I have a mod on my xbox 360 but some games dont work because of the region code being incorrect.how do I get my xbox360 to play all region games.please help asap

  30. its easy…..just get a MORPH CHIP installed to ur xbox360….this way i can play any game from any region…..also i get games for as cheap as 3$…i got the xbox from india n i can play games that i bought from singapore n anywhere……

  31. Hi, I have an Xbox that I beleive has been previously region code hacked. When I formatted it the region code reset to Region 1 when all the games I was playing were region 4. I formatted it cos I was selling it.

    Is there an easy way to reset the region code of a previously hacked console?

  32. ok, right, I am getting fed up with the fact that I cannot play games from certain regions on my xbox!!

    can I get my xbox hacked? and what is a morph chip and if it does exist, where can I get one from?

    cheers to anyone that can help!

  33. how do you change the region code again?

  34. hi just move in here in canada from europe.. i brought some games with me and buy the 360 with kinnect only to find out that i cannot use those game from europe… pls help… thank you…

  35. I just purchased an xbox game with a different region code 4, and can’t play it on my xbox which is region code 1. What can I do?

  36. Why don’t you buy more XBOX 360s to play more games? Your controller will work perfectly with others. So you don’t need to buy more controller. 🙂 easy~

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