Gummi Bot: Soft-body robot


Robots might be super effective and helpful, but they just look so un-huggable. These Biomimetic Soft-Bodied “Gummi Bots” seem so much more cuddly, and certainly more agile. Though, Gummi’s have more of a purpose then looking adorable. Metallic robots are often limited in movement by their clumsy joints. This robotics project at Tufts University is looking into a flexible, silicone rubber skin, nicknamed Dragon Skin. The Gummi’s are able to slither through springs built into their rubber segments.

The Gummi’s move much like a caterpillar. So far, scientists have only been able to cause a ripple of movement the length of a robot. By the end of the year, researchers hope to have a caterpillar motion created for the Gummi to showcase. The goal of creating a Gummi like robot is to use them for disagreeable jobs in the military field, such as checking for mines and crawling into hard to reach areas. Gummi Bot could one day save many lives, while looking absolutely darling. — Andrew Dobrow


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