Greetings Gearfuse

Welcome to the weekend edition. Sorry I haven’t popped out from under the hood to say hello sooner, but I was busy getting friendly with the nubile interns and bicycling monkeys who keep this site running. Now that I’ve got myself situated, it’s time for a proper introduction. My name’s Hunter and I’ll be getting up ass early on Saturdays and Sundays to make sure you’re getting a daily dose of Gearfuse goodness. I plan to make the weekend shift like one big, bloggy, hungover brunch– with robots. There will be plenty of robots.

I became a part of the Gearfuse gang after spending way too much time drinking beer and watching the New York Giants kick ass with Vince. I’ve spent the past few years wandering the internet where I mostly write about politics, sex, bars, crime, and food. if you spend way too much time online you may have seen me on Gridskipper, Gawker, Cynics Party, or National Geographic’s Intelligent Travel blog. I live in Brooklyn and my favorite gadgets are my�iPod dock and the George Foreman grill. Please don’t hesitate to email me with any tips, questions, or hate mail.

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  1. Awesome pic, Hunter.

  2. @Ryan- Thanks! Glad you enjoyed it. You’re on the Gearfuse beer pong team right? I look forward to meeting you next time time we have a game.

  3. Yes! George Foreman Grill! 1994 was a great year.

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