Graphene and You: What’s Next for the Nobel Prize Winning Nanomaterial?

The Nobel Prize of Physics isn’t awarded to just any Tom, Dick or Albert, and the two scientists who took the stage to accept the honor this year for the creation of Graphene are no exception. Graphene has been touted as a super-substance, as strong as steel, as conductive as copper and only as thick as a single atom. But what’s next for the nanomaterial and in what ways can we expect this godly substance to be applied?

Graphene’s anticipated uses range from higher performance solar cells, LCD screens, photo sensors and even the creation of semiconductors beyond the limits of today’s silicon-based technology. Basically this translates to more effective, faster, stronger and more efficient technology for all. The technology remains in its development stages, and commercial aspects remain undetermined, but if all goes as planned, we should be seeing a lot more of this material in the near future.


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