Google On The High Seas

We live in an age where the government watches with a careful eye to ensure no companies get into risky antitrust activities. Google has been under watch for a year or two now and it continues to expand at the rate of a gas giant. Now, according to reports, Google is considering putting a ton of a servers out to sea on a boat. Seven miles out in the sea, in international waters, the servers would operate under no law and would be powered by the ocean’s waves, reducing costs for the company.

In the patent application seen by The Times, Google writes: �Computing centres are located on a ship or ships, anchored in a water body from which energy from natural motion of the water may be captured, and turned into electricity and/or pumping power for cooling pumps to carry heat away.�

This is actually more of an economical move rather than a shady trick Google is pulling. Companies would stand to save millions from not using data centers in current form. No idea if Google will follow through with this idea but it’ll be interesting to see what happens.


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