Google Nexus One Photographed Next to G1


And the Nexus makes the G1 looks like some sort of gargantuan monstrosity. This photo really gives some sort of perspective of the dimensions of the Nexus One. I can almost feel it in my hands. Almost. My iPhone is too busy taking that spot at the moment.


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  1. It will be about that thick after I get an extended battery for it.
    Which you will need. 😀

  2. I’d expect similar battery life to an iPhone, really. Not a lot, but good for a day allowing for overnight charging.

    I’m loving the form factor. Looks like I’ll definitely be ditching my iPhone for this, if it’s half as open as they make it out to be. I lov. My iPhone, but it’s junk without jailbreaking and I’d love to not have to worry about maintaining that over major updates.

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