Google Gets More Wind Power In Texas!

Google announced their goal of meeting its electrical needs via renewable resources some time ago and a recent purchase in Texas boosted that goal.

Happy Hereford wind farm

As Google continues its quest to meet all of its electrical needs via renewable sources, they gave their efforts a huge boost with a recent purchase. Google confirms that they recently purchased 240 renewable energy certificates in a deal with the Happy Hereford wind farm in Texas. The farm produces 240 megawatts of electricity and every single one of them has been bought up by Google.

How does the new purchase go in to play? Now that Google has made this deal with Hereford the output produced by the wind farm will get funneled in to the regional grid once Google sells that energy to the wholesale market. In the meantime, the 240 REC’s that Google acquired through their deal will be retired and any more REC’s that are produced by the farm will go in to play to reduce Google’s carbon footprint elsewhere.

So just how long will it be before anyone receives power generated by the Happy Hereford wind farm? Well, the farm won’t actually be producing any renewably sourced power until late in 2014. In the meantime though, Google says that they will continue with similar deals to meet all of their needs via renewable sources.

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