Gold PSP makes Wonka and Veruca Salt jealous

gold psp

Screw a golden chocolate egg. We want one of these gold colored PSPs. The PSP-1000 CG, the newest model number for the new color, CG standing for Champagne Gold, is expected for release in Japan in late February for the US equivalent of $175. We heard through the grapevine that Veruca Salt’s opinion of the new PSP is kind of harsh. She’s been quoted as saying “Don’t care how, I want it now!”. More pics after the jump.

gold psp

gold psp

Andrew Dobrow

Sony PSP gets a new color Champagne Gold [Newlaunches]

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  1. THE GOLDEN PSP! A knock off to the South Park Episode “Best Friends Forever” when Kenny is given the golden PSP which controls Heaven’s Army and is a hundreds times better than the other PSP’s! But where is the golden Keanu Reeves statue? lol

  2. HA! I don’t know but it should come with one. “Kenny is our Keanu Reeves! *sniff sniff*” 🙂

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