Go straight from phone to TV with Spectec MiniSD & MicroSD Video-Out Adapter

spectec minisd microsd video-out adapterThese days, computers are becoming small enough to fit in your pocket, if you consider cell phones to be computers, that is. One of the major problems with cell phones acting as computers, however, is that the screen is just too dang small to share things with anyone. Spectec jumped this hurdle with the release of the video-out adaptor which is connected via MiniSD or MicroSD card slots. This allows you to connect anything with a MiniSD or MicroSD card slot to a TV, monitor, or projector through an s-video or VGA hookup. One drawback is that it will only reach a maximum resolution of 1024 by 768, meaning that this wonít look so hot on your new 50 inch plasma. Control your presentations with the 10 button IR remote that comes included with the video-out adaptor. One other feature they brag about is that you can view a preview on the device itself; why would you want to view it on the device if itís on a TV or monitor? Spectec took a big step in removing the need of computers with our modern cell phones. — Nick Rice

Spectecís MiniSD & MicroSD Video-Out Adaptor [via OhGizmo!]

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