Go contemporary with the Zgiga TV 2

concept zgiga tv 2

Many people these days are trying to be unique and making their houses “contemporary” in ways that people have never done (there is a house that has a glass bottom pool for a roof). If you’re one of these people, or you want to feel like you’re going contemporary, maybe you should pray that the Zgiga  TV 2 leaves the concept stage and comes into production. This structure is a mix of an LCD display and a BluRay/HD-DVD player. Since it’s not flush with the wall, you have a ledge on top of the TV to place those porcelain dolls you seem to have forgotten about in your closet. Having a BluRay/HD-DVD player with touch sensitive control panel and an LCD display attached is a really cool concept; now what’s up with the 2 extra boxes. Maybe the name Zgiga  TV 2 means TV and 2 random boxes. Whatever, this is supposed to be “contemporary,” so the designers could basically do whatever they want with it. Obviously the designers know what the critics like because the Zgiga TV 2 just won a  red dot online  award in the Design Concept category. — Nick Rice

qixen-p design studio [via SlashGear]

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