GlobalSat DG-100 tracks your every move

globalsat dg-100 gps data logger

Without further adieu, meet the GlobalSat DG-100. A GPS data logging device that runs on the power of only two rechargeable AA batteries and uses a conveniently built-in USB cable to transfer your every move into your mapping program of choice. Built in to the DG-100 is the SiRF Star III GPS system which can measure time, date, speed, altitude, and your GPS position at timed intervals to let everyone know where you’ve been and how fast you were going. In such a little package, you can store up to 60,000 destination points, and can have it working continuously for 20 hours without a battery charge. We personally are thinking of having one installed in our brains. Possibly, even in our girlfriends and wives brains as they sleep. Muahahah. — Andrew Dobrow

GlobalSat DG-100 GPS  Data Logger  [via Navigadget]

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