Gigantic Ford GT Nitro Gas R/C Car Is 1/5th As Cool As The Real Thing


If you’ve been saving up your cash so you can own your own Ford GT Nitro, forget about it. It’s not worth the novelty when you can own your very own 1/5th scale remote controlled model of the car for a fraction of the price of the real thing. And when we say it’s a scale model, we mean it, not like one of those full-sized Hummer R/C jobbies. Featuring a23cc engine, a 450cc fuel tank and a 15kg metal gear ratio. It has 2WD and disc brakes for realistic stopping, plus a 3 channel FM radio, assembled chassis, and a Fail-Safe mode.

Large models always make things more awesome. It’s a scientific fact. Don’t believe us? It was proven by the good people at the Gearfuse School Of Fact Fabrication. Don’t shoot the messenger. Get your own Ford GT Nitro Gas R/C for a whopping $650, marked down from $850. — Andrew Dobrow

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