GetFramed Mailable Paper Photo Frame


When we send photos to our loved ones, we send them with the hope that they will show the photos in their home with pride, but what if they don’t have any open picture frames? They’ll eventually forget about the photos all together, throwing them in some mildly messy filing cabinet for postmortem separation.

GetFramed is a new concept which ships the photo for you, alone with a paper picture frame which can be constructed using the same envelope the photo was sent with. Just open the envelope, fold, and assemble and the 10 x 15 cm frame is ready to showcase your new ugly photo for the year. — Andrew Dobrow

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  1. hello i love your Mailable paper photo frame are they for sale and if so can i buy some. This is the coolest thing on the planet earth

  2. Are these for sale? How much for bulk and how do I buy them?

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