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Finally! What we’ve all been waiting for! A way to directly control your computer with only the use of the brain. German company g.tec is making this technology not only conceptually, but as a complete BCI kit available commercially for the masses. Amazingly, there is also one available for a Pocket PC. The “g.MOBIlab” is a super-low-weight biosignal recorder which measures EEG, data processing, analysis, and pattern recognition to create a fully functional Brain Computer Interface.

The first BCI system will allow the composition and sending of messages and also game play control. All of this is controlled through EEG electrodes mounted on the skull which is then transfered via a sophisticated biosignal amplifier which is made to predict actions at a very high accuracy. Talk about role playing! Still in the lab is an invasive BCI technique which would be much more effective, but would require an implant. The initial focus seems to be on use with paralysis victims, but its a sign that the ease of human communication is ever increasing with each days new discoveries. — Andrew Dobrow

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