Get Down to the Roots with the Breathe Soil-Free Harvesting Concept

Jim Ruck’s indoor aeroponic garden, simply titled “Breathe,” has completely eliminated the need for soil. Which is sort of disappointing, because what am I going to feed my kids for breakfast now? Oh well, I guess I can start buying cat food again.

This innovative vegetation system comprises misters under the structure that fed water and nutrients to the plants through their root. Aside from allowing a non-soil environment for growing fresh vegetables, it offers periodical water flow to the plants which will give additional tranquility to the user. This concept garden features a plug to acquire the required energy to pump the water and set the misters off. Also, backup batteries are there to ensure constant functionality during the time of power outage.

One of the coolest parts about Breathe is that you can actually see the roots through the soil-free window.

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