Genuine Creative SE2300 Wireless Headphones; No wires!

creative se2300

Well if you didnít get the Borat innuendo in the title, sucks for you; Anyways, Creative just came out with the SE2300 Wireless Headphones. These headphones are perfect for those of you who just happen to somehow get all tangled up every time you dance to your iPod; that could be the fact that you canít dance, but for this letís just say that itís because of the headphone wire. You can perfect those ďalready goodĒ dance moves by simply plugging in the transmitter into your device-of-choice into the headphone jack and youíre free to boogie. Transmit your tunes with Bluetooth to your clip-on headphones; yes, they are clip-on headphones, just like the ones you get on Delta flights, and they donít look very comfortable at that. The battery built into these Creative headphones lasts about 8 hours on a full charge and is rechargeable via USB or AC adaptor. With the SE2300 Wireless Headphones draining your bank account $100 if purchased, it would probably be wise to either not buy them or wait until they come out with a better design for the headphones (arguably the most important part of wireless headphonesÖ). — Nick Rice

Creative SE2300 Wireless Headphones [via Ubergizmo]


  1. I just purchased these after doing some pretty thorough research on the internet. These seemed like the headphone for me. Then I just got them two days ago and I have been trying to charge them. I read through the instruction manual and charged them according to the manual, but they did not behave according to the manual. When they charge, the red light is supposed to stay on until it is fully charged and then it turns blue. For me, it just turns off and then nothing. Creative clearly has problem with quality control.

  2. Everyone that outsources to china or india has a problem with quality control. Its called CHEAP ASS PRODUCTS.

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