Gearfuse Knitting Circle Newsletter #34, Vol. 2

The Gearfuse KnittingCircleis proud to welcome a new member to our renowned crafting community. Welcome Doris Hendrickson. We’re all looking forward to your future projects,particularlythose darling booties you’re making for little Jeffy!

News from the Needle

  • Mrs.MargeryWashburn won third prize at the annual Fleming Quilting Society meet for her cutting-edge and innovative quilting patterns. Mr. Washburn congratulated her with a quick kiss to the cheek. Oh, you can just imagine how her face reddened!
  • We’re sad to announce that Mrs. Elizabeth Donovan lost her husband in a dreadful slip and fall accident last week. We encourage every member of the illustrious Gearfuse Knitting Circle to keep Mrs. Donovan in their prayers during this tragic time. Church vigil will be held on April 3 at the First National Protestant Church at the corner of Lancaster and Willow.
  • Ms. Mary Lou Winter’s oldest granddaughter gave birth to a pair of twin boys on March 23, making Ms. Washburn a proud first-time great grandmother. Congratulations Mary Lou! We’re sure you’ll be knitting them up a fine pair of newborn caps.

REMINDER: The annual Gearfuse Knitting Circle’s Bake Sale and KnittingBonanzawill be held on therescheduleddate of April 13, 2010 at 4:30 p.m. Refreshments will be offered to allparticipants. Don’t forget to bring your smiles! (Note: The Bake Sale booths will close during a TBA two-hour period for Bingo.)

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