GEARdeals: Samsung Captivate for $.01 From Amazon

The newest talk of a possible iPhone killer comes in the form of the Android-running Samsung Captivate, the AT&T reincarnation of Verizon’s Galaxy S. Until August 1, you can catch grab the Captivate for only $.01, which is a $199.98 savings from the retail price (with a new 2 year contract), plus the activation fee is waived, so you’re saving well over $200.

All you pay is the first month of service and the $.01. Amazon is offering free two-day shipping. This is not an offer you should miss if you’ve been planning on making the leap to Android.


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  1. This only applies to individual accounts. Family Plan cost is $80 for the phone, even if just upgrading one phone. Doesn’t matter if adding the data plan as new. Poor customer service.

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