GE Develops Water-Repelling Metals

Scientists at General Electric’s Global Research Center in Niskayuna, NY have developed a way to repel water off of metals through a treatment using superhydrophobicity properties. This is big news and is set to change the way we develop new products.

Superhydrophobic metals open up many new applications, says Jeffrey Youngblood, a professor of materials engineering at Purdue University. “Metallic structures are more robust and can survive in harsher environments, allowing for their use in applications where plastic is infeasible, [such as in] planes, trains, automobiles, heavy machinery, and engines,” Youngblood says.

So essentially, you could keep water off a ship, out of an airplane’s engines and so on with this new superhydrophobic metal. GE will no doubt profit to no end from this discovery.

Bonus: Did you notice “hydro” and “phobic”? Super afraid of water, essentially. I suppose those six Latin classes I took paid off.


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  1. An interesting note on the term “hydrophopic”: In certain parts of the world (such as where I live) the disease “rabies” used to be referred to as “Hydrophobia”.

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