Game Boy Pillow Is Much Comfier Than The Real Thing

Not remotely the first time I’ve fallen asleep with a Game Boy near my head, this Game Boy Cushion brings back countless memories from my childhood, sneaking my Game Boy under my blankets and playing into the early morning hours, or until I just couldn’t stay awake anymore. I would literally keep dropping the damn thing on my own face out of pure�exhaustion until I just couldn’t keep my eyes open for another second.

Soft Machine’s Game Boy Cushion brings back all of those memories and more, but mostly makes me want to take a nap. Grab your own for about $135 and relive your childhood. Or you can just try to get your hands on a real Game Boy, which while entertaining, isn’t nearly as comfy to sleep on. Although I know of a Game Boy that’s much more fun to sleep with.

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