Functional Dark Knight Batpod for Sale on eBay

This is no model or concept design. Available for the price of $100,000 or best offer on eBay (do they accept firstborns?), the Dark Knight Batpod, inspired from the Batman film The Dark Knight is a fully-functional motorcycle, welded together from hardened steel, bearing an uncanny resemblance to the real thing.

The only part of this bike that doesn’t work exactly like the real thing is the machine guns. Pity. My plans of becoming a vigilante are thwarted again. Oh well, nothing a little modding can’t achieve. I really need this to go with my Batman Motorcycle Suit.

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  1. I saw this Batpod today on as well. (like ebay minus the fees) and they have it on the front page there. Nice Pictures too.

  2. Send link of buying it from ebay or any else

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