Fujitsu’s New “Zero-Watt” Monitor Uses No Power On Standby


Out to save the world, are ya? No, no, don’t start shoveling your propaganda down our throats. We get it. You have your hybrids and we have our Hummers. But here’s a product we both can agree on: Fujitsu’s “Zero-Watt” Monitor. It claims to use absolutely no power when the display is in stand-by mode, which means two things: lower power usage and lower utility bills.

A nifty little switch automatically turns off the power of the monitor when your computer goes idle. When the PC becomes active again, so does the monitor, which is then powered back on once the computer emits a signal. You’ll be able to get your own personal “Zero-Watt” sometime in the summer months of this year for around the same price as a conventional monitor.


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  1. yeah… my 486 used to do this.

    whatever happened to the monitor’s actual mains feed being gated by the PC?
    (some of the older PCs where I work actually have 12V coax DC outputs on their mini PSUs, too, presumably for bundled LCDs that are long since dead)

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