FrootVPN: The Latest Kid on the VPN Block


A Virtual Private Network (VPN) is the technology that allows for the private, secure transfer of information across a public, unsecure system such as the internet. Through encryption and other similar forms of security, VPNs ensure the privacy and protection of the user. FrootVPN is the latest service that offers you total obscurity and security in your online activities.

The service has added a number of servers to its network in 14 new locations. On September 21st, FrootVPN initiated new servers in Russia, Hong Kong, Israel, Isle of Man, Germany, Netherlands, Switzerland, Poland, Japan, Australia, Singapore, South Korea, Brazil, and Mexico. The main servers are located in Sweden, USA, Canada, France, and UK. Currently, FrootVPN has total of 19 servers giving users a solid number of options to choose from.

Among many services, FrootVPN offers users Wi-Fi hotspot security, secure internet connections, and IP address anonymity. The provider also ensures that FrootVPN, itself, keeps no account or log in infoof any of the customer’s activities.

Here are the perks offered by FrootVPN:

IP Accommodation

Internet Protocol or IP is the process of how data is sent from one computer to another over the internet. Each computer has at least one IP address by which it can be identified. FrootVPN is able to accommodate a variety of protocols such as IPv6, L2TP, PPTP, and OpenVPN.

Online Anonymity

The service masks the IP address to prevent any of your online activities from being tracked. This will keep your identity from being stolen while preventing any hacks occurring on your computer or other devices. In addition, you can choose from a variety of false locations, to hide where your actual position is. FrootVPN has servers in both Sweden and the USA. Their Canadian servers will be available from the 1st of February.


FrootVPN uses 2048-bit encryption to encrypt all your data. This high level of encryption ensures that all the information that you send over the Internet will only be seen by the people you intend to receive it.

P2P Support

P2P or peer-to-peer is a method of communication among computer systems without passing through a central server. FrootVPN allows for the uploading and downloading of information amongst P2P at high speed levels.


Network Address Translation or NAT is when your router creates an address for you to access information or resources outside of a private network. FrootVPN assures no NAT to ensure that other parties do not have any access to valuable information.

Multiple Device Support

FrootVPN works across a multitude of devices and operating systems. Therefore, regardless of the device, either mobile or PC, or whatever operating system it is running, FrootVPN will be able to support it. Providing your router accepts VPN, your device will be supported.

No Logs

In addition to covering your online tracks, FrootVPN makes sure not to have any account of your online dealings. They keep no log of what you to do to guarantee that all of your online activities are, in fact, completely untraceable.


With unlimited bandwidth, the user is assured of high speed internet regardless of the current internet connection. With several connections to 10 Gigabit Ethernet around the world, the customer is bound to have a high speed connection at all times. FrootVPN also guarantees competitive server uptime.

Continuous Access

FrootVPN has the added bonus of always providing you access to your favorite sites, even if they are blocked. Certain countries block websites such as Google, YouTube and social media sites. However, with FrootVPN, you will be allowed access to these sites despite the restrictions placed.

With many impressive and unprecedented features, FrootVPN is sure to ease the concerns you have about how you surf the web and send information.

FrootVPN is continuously pursuing the goal of giving the best quality VPN at the most affordable price, and ensures full privacy on all devices that will be connected to the internet. They don’t keep any logs of any kind such as User Info, Timestamps, Bandwidth, IP Address, DNS Queries, and Log sessions on any of your activities to greatly avoid third party surveillance. They also provide strong encryption with PGP Key available and support TLS1.1 and upwards using PFS (Perfect Forward Secrecy). This gavethem an A+ rating in December 2015. FrootVPNwill be working hard to improve their services and user experience by adding more improvements in the near future.

So check out FrootVPN and give it a go!

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