Frog Inspired Bike: Be At One With Nature

Frog Bike

Using a frog as the inspiration for a bicycle is certainly an interesting concept, and the results of Alex Suvajac’s work prove that it can produce a cool looking design. But the nature theme doesn’t stop there – the lower part of the frame would be structured “much like that of a human bone.”

Despite it’s good looks, I would imagine that my balls would have something to say about the little seat. Detailed images are available after the jump.

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  1. this person obviously doesn’t ride bicycles.

  2. Or, perhaps the designer rides a fixed gear bicycle.
    Perhaps they ride with their seat/bars in the iconic fixie “augh my neck” position, like the pic.
    I want one of these, and I also want a way to raise the stem on that thing. DROOOOOLLLribbit

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