“For Our Princess” Mysterious Message Found Inside Zune HD Casing


While sifting through images of iFixIt’s teardown of the Zune HD we noticed something quite peculiar. Inside of the casing was a dedication, an inscription reading “For our princess.”

As far as we can tell, this inscription is a dedication to a member of the Zune team who passed away during the production of the device. In return, Microsoft made sure a proper dedication was in order. Anybody know the complete story? Let us know in the comments!


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  1. I don’t know the story, but the font “For our Princess” looks like ITC Bradley Hand. Nice choice. Curious to know more.

  2. Im pretty certain its one of the Segoe fonts

  3. I heard that while people were producing the ZuneHD, the only girl on the team grew ill, and passed away… So in memory of her they printed that inside of every ZuneHD inside cover saying: for our princess

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