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focus at will

Music plays a role in the lives of nearly every person alive on this earth. Grant it, everyone has different tastes and enjoys listening to various genres, as well as artists. Whether it is the radio while traveling in the car to and from work, soothing dinner music or some tunes to either relax with or rock out with; there is bound to be something for every situation. With the internet, there are limitless sites providing music that will never leave you disappointed.

But what about when it comes to background music in the work environment? Or for those who are still studying to gain their degree to obtain their dream job? I believe that I have found the absolute perfect site or service available anywhere! Let me say that I have tried numerous music streaming sites, but nothing has even come close to Focus@Will. It is much more than just a “music site” and even has science to back up its claims. As a writer I must say that I have never been so focused and concentrated and definitely not nearly as productive as while using Focus@Will.

Writing, reading, studying or whatever task that you are performing and require concentration to complete will be more easily performed with this service. There are no lyrics and the music is such that it calms the portion of our brain called the limbic system that is usually always on high alert for other things that distract. This increases our ability to concentrate and keep our mind centered on the present task.

This service is so easy to use that even a person who is not a techy can access and enjoy its soothing ambiance. It is as simple as signing up for a 30 day free trial with either email, Facebook or Google and choosing your genre of music. After the trial expires you have the option of subscribing for a year for the small fee of $45 yearly or $4.99 monthly. Or if you don’t wish to pay for a subscription you can still continue to use the service for free; listening in 100 minute increments. The service is even available on iPhones and smartphones by visiting the app store.

Currently, there are only 10 genres of music available, but that definitely is enough to satisfy the taste of anyone who wants to use the service for its intended purpose of increased concentration and productivity. My favorite genres are Focus Spa and Ambient. A rather unique feature offered by this site is a choice of music energy level; low, medium or high. I personally found the low to be almost like a white noise which would be great for sleeping, but thoroughly enjoyed the medium energy level for my office work and writing.

People suffering from ADHD, whether child or adult, have found this music to be extremely helpful with the issues they have concentration. There is a specific genre called ADHD Type 1, which to someone who doesn’t have the disorder it is very distracting. For the ADHD brain and its idiosyncrasies, I am confident it provides exactly what is needed. Having a child that experienced ADHD when he was small, I can attest to the fact that they often need to be fidgeting or have more upbeat music to calm their brain which is totally opposite to the general population.

I personally thank the developers of Focus@Will who worked with neuroscientists Dr. Evian Gordon and Dr. Stephen Sideroff for the effect it has had on me and my productivity and well-being. Their trials indicate a 12-15% increase in focus ability and up to 400% increase in session time. Who knows if these statistics are completely accurate, but I know I am glad I gave it a try and highly recommend it to all my readers; you won’t be disappointed!

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