Flowers Replace Fireman For Cooking Fires

Most people are clumsy others are just plain stupid. That’s why these $39 dollar Flower Fire Extinguishers exist. It’s for those wanna-be chefs out there that like to light oil and/or alcohol ablaze to explode the flavor of their creation but only ever ends in an explosion of fire in their face.

They look like decorative flowers but, much like the Transformers, they’re more than meets the eye. When you find yourself in the midst of a cooking fire you’ll need to think fast, that’s why these flowers have a magnet on them so they’ll cling to most surfaces around your stove. When that pan goes up in flames, simply place the flowers in it and they will work their magic, covering the oil with a disgusting film that prevents the breakout of the flames and ruins your appetite for dinner in the process. It beats burning alive because of someone’s clumsiness.

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