Floating Fade-Out Chair is Perfect For Your Bare White Rooms


Using this chair to its full potential means painting a room completely white and stripping out any other furniture. Do I look like someone who isn’t lazy?

The Fade-Out Chair is painted to appear as if it is floating in midair. The white leg bottoms appear in striking contrast to the chair’s dark wood finish.

Is all of that worth the floaty-ness of the illusionary Fade-Out Chair? I don’t know, I’m not a scientist. But the chair definitely looks pretty sick under the right conditions. Those conditions just cater more to the wealthier, non-lazy among us.


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  1. You’re a tad misleading. The bottom of the legs aren’t white. They’re transparent, so even with furniture and color it still might look like it’s floating! ….MIGHT… Of course, the barer and more uniformly colored the room is, the better this is going to look.

  2. Oh, that’s actually really cool, thanks for the info Gabriel.

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