Five Best Website Checking Software Sites


If you’re someone who’s working extensively online, and you’ll be looking to check the authenticity or originality of a website, it’s best that you consider software that automatically checks for these features. Below are five of the best websites for users looking to track website activity provided by online marketing agency in Vancouver.

First there is Website-Watcher. The website has a slew of features. You can monitor web pages, monitor password protected pages, monitor forums for postings and replies, monitor RSS feeds, Newsgroups, and local files, highlight changes on a page, and utilize an advanced filter system that removes spam content. The program can also monitor what your competitors are doing and scan their websites. Website-Watcher will also detect when a new software version or driver update is released.

Next there are the products offered at Rel Software. They offer two products, “Web Link Validator: The Broken Links Doctor” and “REL Link Checker Lite.” The Web Link Validator is a link checker and site management tool. It checks for link accuracy and availability, finds broken links and links with syntax errors. Link Checker Lite is to help you maintain accurate links on your website.

Monitur.Us is a free piece of software that allows for website monitoring. It contains many features, including website monitoring, network monitoring, server monitoring, all-in-one monitoring, full-page monitoring, mobile monitoring, and open API (Application Programming Interface). The program is especially useful for those wanting to take advantage of cloud-based software and working within a tight budget.

Next up, users can check out SEO SiteCheckup. This website utilizes a dashboard, where users can check up on reports, monitors, and analysis tools. Users can also see information about their website’s backlinks.

Last on the list is PowerMapper. It’s a strong program with the ability to check for broken links, spelling errors, browser compatibility, accessibility, and search engine issues.

There are many different pieces of software available for website checking, and their prices vary depending on what features and functions you’re seeking in your software.

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