Fish Communicate Via Movement

No one is sure why Sangmin Bae designed the Rhythmfish system. Perhaps he got lonely and didn’t have anyone to talk to, so he built this device that records the movement of fish and the currents generated by them. The flow sensors inside the tank collect enough data then translate it into an audiovisual response, which is then displayed through a mounted LCD and speakers.

Sangmin Bae says:

�even if the fish can�t speak and express its feelings in a human way, it has an energy and communication skill in its own way. Vibration is the medium of interaction, and I chose it for its universality in the physical, emotional, and spiritual realms.�

While this isn’t true communication with fish, one thing is for certain: You can make a sporadically rockin’ visual coupled with random audio of the same nature. Try getting visuals like that on your Winamp plug-in.
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