Fingerprint door bell for the paranoid: This will stop those darn communists

tap-01 fingerprint doorbell

If Joe McCarthy were still alive today, this contraption would make him very proud. For all of you paranoid home owners who still think that communists are invading our towns and homes, the Fingerprint Access Control is a way to keep track of those damn Red Coats from storming down your door without you knowing first. The Fingerprint Lock is controlled through your own internet, allowing you to see the finger print of whoever is at your door, just in case you were to notice a misplaced curve in the print.

And if that weren’t enough! You can also program a password ALONG with the fingerprint scan, just in case those radical Arabs don’t cut off the fingers of your friends and family. But, trust us, if someone wants to get in your house that bad, they’ll just break the damn window. — Andrew Dobrow

TAP-01 Fingerprint Access Control with Door Bell [via SCI FI Tech]

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