Find And Track All Your Subscriptions With these Trackers in 2022 

Almost everybody these days has multiple subscriptions to various apps, especially movie-streaming and music-streaming applications. The majority of these apps run a free trial for a short period that many of us sign up for and then forget about it. While we forget to end our free trials, the apps charge us for the subscriptions, and before we know it we have long bills to pay. 

A good way to control this is to get subscription trackers. The issue with subscriptions is the fact that many apps increase their subscription fees over time. We have so many apps that we tend to forget about the renewals and keep getting charged for apps that we barely use. Subscription trackers come really handy when you want to control your expenses on subscriptions. These apps monitor all your apps, renewals, subscriptions, and your finances related to it. 

Over time if an app increases the fee or automatically converts your free trial it is going to reflect on your bank statement but most of the time it is easy to miss. To avoid this we have some amazing subscription trackers like the Inxy subscription tracker that manages your subscriptions and finances around it. 

Subscription trackers also send notifications regarding your multiple subscriptions like a price hike. This can help you reconsider your subscription and these trackers can also assist you with financial aid services. 

You can also directly find and track all your subscriptions from the iOS and Android app store or Google Play store. You can directly open the app setting on your iPhone or Android device and cancel or pause the payments to a particular subscription.  

Here are some of the subscription trackers you should try out. 

  • Truebill 

Truebill is considered to be one of the best trackers for all your subscriptions.  You only have to link your bank account and it automatically fills your financial data on the app. It has a custom dashboard where you can monitor all your subscriptions, set a budget, add notifications and alerts and you can also cancel the subscriptions that you no longer use. The premium version has an option for automated cancellation which starts at $3. 

  • Inxy 

Inxy is another great subscription tracker that helps you keep track of all your subscriptions. Along with an interactive dashboard, another unique feature is that it allows family and friends to collaborate on subscriptions and edit them. It will also notify you about free trials that are about to end, this can help you end it before it converts and save you a lot of money. 

  • Mint 

Another subscription tracker that does its job well is Mint. You can not only track your subscriptions but also credit card payments, offline payments, and other utilities. You only need to connect your bank account to Mint. It will also suggest how you can save money on monthly subscriptions with Mint Negotiations and connect you to Billshark for getting the best rate. The premium version is priced at $4.99 for automated subscription cancellation. 

Final Words 

These trackers can help you find and track all your subscriptions in 2022 under one app. These are great for people who have no time to keep track of all their subscriptions and save money by getting rid of unwanted subscriptions.  

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