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The ministry of road transport and highways had announced the implementation of a new electronic toll payment system in India called FASTag on all vehicles from December 2019. The main purpose of the Government for introducing such a technologically advanced electronic toll collection system is to reduce long waiting times at toll plazas on the national/state highways and reduce congestion. Since the announcement of this RFID based tag, it has been making a buzz everywhere. While most of the vehicle owners have already started making use of it, though many still do not aware of the existence of this radical new toll collection technology.


So, here is everything that every vehicle owner must know regarding FASTag in order to avoid delays in their journey that can arise due to long hours waiting at toll plazas. Here’s all the information and FAQs about FASTag, how you can purchase it using eCommerce websites like paytm and its valuable benefits in the near future.

What is a FASTag in simple terms?

FASTag is a reusable tag that works on the Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) technology. To reduce vehicular traffic at the toll plazas, the Government of India has mandated all the highway toll plazas, to make toll payments electronically by Dec 2019 onwards and to promote uninterrupted movement of traffic. With this mandate, all the vehicles traveling through toll plazas will have to pay toll charges using FASTag and it is compulsory.

Travelers passing through toll now can breathe a sigh of relief as there is no more waste of time and delay in their long tour journey. Being a readable tag, FASTag is linked to a prepaid account that propagates the automatic deduction of toll charges as you pass through the toll plaza across national and state highways of India. The RFID tag comes with a feature to be reloaded as per the user requirement, or it can also be linked to a prepaid account from where the money will be automatically deducted. 

This device will be fixed to the windscreen of your vehicle and therefore and this way it’s become easy for a commuter to proceed for a convenient toll-process. 

Why a vehicle owner should buy it immediately?

Where there is a profit, convenience, time-saving approach, it is best in favor of everyone to get that technology without a delay. And that’s what FASTag belongs to. Buying it from a reputed bank or eCommerce portal like Paytm, you will get the peace of life.

  • Ease of payment- No need to carry cash or change for the toll transaction and that will save you valuable time.
  • Non-stop movement- When you don’t have to stop at the toll plazas, there will be an uninterrupted flow of traffic. Therefore, the use of RFID toll tax system helps in reducing traffic and save fuel at the same time.
  • Online recharge- The moment you are about to get out of balance you can access the facility of online recharge mode using a credit card, debit card, or net banking.
  • Instant notification- You will get an SMS alert on your registered mobile number of a successful transaction, low balance, recharge successful, etc.

What if you don’t use FASTag on the toll plazas after December 2019?

As per the Government of India notifications, the vehicle not having FASTag on their vehicle’s windscreen will have to pay double the toll amount from Dec 15 2019 onwards. 

Therefore, you must get it fast for your vehicle if don’t buy it yet.

Where Can I buy FASTag?

The government has authorized 22 certified banks to issue FASTags to the vehicle owners through various channels such as Point-Of-Sale (POS) at bank branches as well as National Highway toll plazas. Also, vehicle owners or drivers have the option to buy FASTag online on Paytm website. Once they apply for the issue of FASTag online, it will soon be delivered to their doorsteps. After buying it the only thing that users have to do is just to affix it to the windscreen of their vehicles and activate it to make it functional at the toll plaza- and that’s it they have done their job. 

How Can I Affix FASTag on My Vehicle?

Once you receive it in your hand, the first step you have to follow is removing the adhesive strip (you can see it on the back of the tag) and then place it on the top middle of the windshield from inside the vehicle, just behind the rear-view mirror.

How to use the FASTag purchased from eCommerce portals?

FASTag purchased especially from the paytm portal works in a user-friendly manner and also ensured for a secured transaction. For making convenient use of FASTag, follow the below-mentioned steps:

  • Step 1: Affix the tag on your vehicle windshield
  • Step 2: Add money to your paytm wallet using UPI, credit card or debit card or from any bank account.
  • Step 3: Enter the ‘FASTag-mentioned’ lane at the toll plaza. The reader will read your tag detail and issue the charges in the name of your tag and the charges will automatically get deducted from your paytm wallet.

It’s that easy to use and make your journey traffic-free. 

What are the benefits of purchasing FASTag from eCommerce portals?

Purchasing any product online always prove beneficial to users. Similarly, make FASTag purchase from Paytm website and get:

  • Cashback offer on each toll transaction done at the National Highway Authority Of India toll plazas.
  • Convenience of cashless payments at the toll plazas along with non-stop movement of vehicles and reduce commuting time.
  • Easy to recharge facility will give you the convenience of adding balance even on the go.
  • Digital receipt of the transaction will be available on the passbook page of the portal, all you are required to enter your vehicle FASTag number.

What is the validity of the FASTag?

The validity of a FASTag is eligible for five years and after that, you will need to apply for it.

I have two vehicles. Can I use the same FASTag for both the vehicle?

No, as per the Government NHAI notification, one RFID tag is applicable for only one vehicle. No matter how many vehicles you have, you have to purchase FASTags for each vehicle.

Now that you are aware of its importance and got the answer to all possible concerns, it’s high-time you should get a FASTag for your vehicle and promote cashless transactions. Always remember that a single hand can make millions!

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