Fan-Made Opening Sequence for “The Walking Dead” is Worthy of Your TV Screen

On October 31, 2010, AMC will debut their newest series, the Frank Darabont directed The Walking Dead, the first apocalyptic zombie TV series that has a real chance of being a huge hit. Based on the comic book series of the same name, details are pretty scant so far about the series, other than what we know from the comic books. But one fan, Daniel Kanemoto, took some of the artistic direction into his own hands with this custom opening sequence for the upcoming series.

While I think this sequence is absolutely stellar, there is at least one thing I would change. For one, I would edit the sequence so that “The Walking Dead” title splash, with the line of zombies on the bottom of the screen, would come last. I understand that Frank Darabont is a big draw, but I think that one splash is so iconic that it needs to have a more lasting effect, which I think placing it at the end would achieve.

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