Facebook Party Boy Is Doing Just Fine

When we last heard about Jimmy Lemke the University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee senior was in deep trouble for trying to plan a block party on Facebook. More than 5,000 people signed up to attend Jimmy’s big bash last weekend and the huge guest list caused local cops and university officials to crack down on the party. Jimmy was told to cancel the fiesta and warned that he would face serious consequences if anyone showed up ready to rock out. I checked in with Jimmy to see if he survived his social networking ordeal.

I got in touch with Jimmy through, what else, a message on Facebook to see how things went last. Jimmy told me that there were “no problems” and that “everything worked out well.” It looks like Jimmy learned from his bad Facebook experience, because he didn’t respond when I sent him a second message asking for more info about what went down. Perhaps Jimmy Lemke’s wisely decided to stay away from Facebook for awhile.

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