Face Recognizing Technology For A-List Shoppers?

Technology is taking over, there is no doubt about it, but in some stores technology is getting a little more…creepy.

A lot of people wonder about big brother taking over, and a recent news story from NPR exemplifies a shift towards “big brother is watching” society.

Facial Recognition
Via NEC Security Solutions

According to this article in NPR, a number of higher end stores are now using facial recognition cameras to scan customers to identify high profile VIP’s and celebrities.

According to the British company that sells the technology, NEC IT Solutions, the software has been designed to prevent a-list celebs from NOT being recognized. The company is hopeful that their software can be implemented to not only identifying a-list shoppers, but also in identifying their shopping trends and predilections.

What do we think about this technology that has already been implemented in a number of top of the line stores in the UK? It breeds paranoia, plus, if you’re getting our money – no matter where we rank on the social popularity scale – we should be treated like VIP’s.

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