Eyeglasses for Two: Double-Armed Glasses Made For Kissing


Completely pointless Japanese inventions: 1, Common sense: ZERO. GO TEAM!

These Japanese-designed (and really, who else would be capable of such genius) Kiss Eyeglasses merge lovers’ bodies in the most romantic way possible; via the eye sockets.

Tokyo-based eyewear company Blinc Vase created these double-armed, single lensed eyeglasses in an attempt to bring the optometry-challenged closer together.

Maybe the lenses will help you see that you are a MORON FOR WEARING THESE DAMN THINGS!

Everybody knows, if you really wanna get deep into that mouth of hers you’re going need to cock your head at, like, a 45 degree angle, to meet that perfect tongue-to-lip ratio. These glasses don’t look all that flexible. So good luck with that, buddy.

And seriously? $650 a pair? Where do I sign? Because I want to find that little signature box and RIP IT TO SHREDS!




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