Extraordinary Rendition: Assange & Extradition Chic

Now, this is what I call extraordinary rendition.

We’ve seen—and loved—Cablegate Comix, A Leaky World, and other examples of Wikileaks cultural hacks. Contrast those knowing efforts with this bizarre Newsweek slideshow, an un-ironic clusterfuck of crisscrossing, simulacrum-generating signifiers. We see Julian feeding the chickens, chucking organic firewood, and tucking into a scrumptious holiday feast at Ellingham Hall, whilst modeling a tasteful selection of tweeds and wellingtons—as Martha Stewart could have told him, wellies are great for hiding those unsightly electronic monitoring cuffs.

The caption for the above photo reads as follows: “After a long day of work on the farm, Assange kicks off his shoes and strikes a lordly pose. He’s due back in court on Jan. 11 for his pretrial hearing on extradition.” We suggest an alternative: Ceci n’est pas un zeitgeist!

Can you imagine a fashion-plate treatment of the plight of Bradley Manning? No. You. Can’t.

[via the indispensable Tim Maly]

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  1. bizarre indeed! Fits right in with this bizarre commentary from the Guardian, WikiLeaks and our obligations to the web of tellings:


  2. Mr. Cool. I like him. He’s an original. I hope he stays around for a long time.

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