Exterminate! Build Your Own Dalek Army With ‘Official’ Replicas

Daleks aren�t evil, really. They�re just sadly misunderstood. I�m sure if you sat down with them for a heart-to-heart, you�d find out they don�t really want to exterminate you.

Now, you can have that chance. A company based in the UK is now going to be selling officially licensed Dalek replicas to the public. The company�s name is �Firebox�, and each Dalek replica will set you back around $4,800. However, as fans of Dr. Who know, that�s a small price to pay for having the ability to build your very own Dalek army.

Each replica is around five feet tall, with features such as extendable plunger arms and rotating domes. They were made from the original molds and specs used from the BBC prop department for the show, so they�re incredibly accurate.

Exterminate! Exterminate!


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