Etch A Sketch iPhone Pouch Case


Can you even remember the hours wasted playing around with the Etch A Sketch when you were a kid? The premise was, and really, still is awesome. Draw anything you want, give it a shake, and the drawing’s gone. The shaking mechanism was, of course, the best part. You could draw all the cocks and titties you wanted without getting caught by mommy. But you had to be quick.

You still had to be careful, even with the shake erase action, cocks and titties had a way of imprinting themselves on the sketch pad, permanently branding you with embarassment while simultaneously sealing your fated meeting with dad’s fist. He’ll beat the penis right out of you, he will.

All of the memories came flooding back when I saw this Etch A Sketch iPhone Pouch on Etsy. Hand crafted out of soft felt, this is one iPhone case that lets you relive some of the best and worst moments of your short life.

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