ePlate has potential to tell that person what you really think


Technology is coming into every portion of our lives, and so it (technology) thought it would be good to �upgrade� our license plate frames. EPlate is a license plate frame that has an LED screen on the bottom, with the ability to store 250 scrolling characters. When you push (or slam) on the brakes, the LEDs will light up and the driver behind you will be able to read whatever you want to write in there. Many people would think this would be a great advertising tool because it would spark people�s interest seeing LEDs on the back of a car and so they would almost automatically read it. Now many of us aren�t business owners or anything, but we still want one of these. What can the average Joe use this for? Well, you know when that guy is tailgating you like no other, and you�re screaming in your car, but that jerk can�t hear you? Now you can just ride your brakes and let him read about how you hate bad drivers and that he needs to back off�you get the picture. There is an included remote that lets you program what you want your ePlate to say, but you can�t do it when you�re driving, so you�ll have to write about the bad drivers before you leave your house. No word on pricing. — Nick Rice

ePlate has strong ad potential [Ubergizmo]

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