Eletronic Holy Bible: Now Available In Grape Flavor!


Electronic Holy Bible’s really aren’t interesting, and haven’t been “cutting edge” since around 1995, but there was something about the purple color scheme of this particular device that was screaming to be written about. More particularly, pointed and laughed at.

A 1M-bit databank (omgz, massive data power!), ensures that the bible verses you so crave are always at your fingertips. The battery powered “holy grape”, as I have come to calling it, also comes with a built-in calendar which allows to schedule events from the far off future of the year 2000, all the way to 2099. And… even offers password protection for all of those people dying to see the secrets that your Bible holds compared to the 15 trillion other bibles available in the world. Plus…it’s purple! — Andrew Dobrow

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  1. Its still a bible. Please be careful what you poke fun at.

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