Electric bath duck: The cute way to commit suicide


Nobody wants to go out without some flair! And this guy will give you some sparks too! The Electric Bath Duck is the cute, not-so-cute bath toy for the envious of the dead. In other words, people who want to commit suicide and want the reaction to be “aww”. Just plug this little guy in and the laws of physics will finish the rest!

Before you start sending in angry e-mails, just remember this. We’re only the messenger and do not condone suicide in any shape or form. Although this would be the funniest way to do it. Oh and note, that 18 means only 18 and up can buy this product. Tough luck, kids (or get a fake ID). Or you could just shoot yourself of course. Nah, that’s boring. Yeah, just don’t do it. You’d be missing out on a lot of good blogging. File under: Morbid humor / Cruel and Unusual.


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  1. omg
    ill use this way
    thank u

  2. that is sooo dumb!!!

  3. An Emo’s best (and only) friend! 😉

  4. Where can I buy it ?

  5. Where can i get it?

  6. Is this product real or just a sick joke? If it is real who sell’s it? And how much is it?

  7. i hate myself

  8. I can think of a few who need a good “cleaning.” Makes the phrase “clean your clock” outdated.

  9. Does the plug have a fuse fitted?

  10. “BS 1363 plugs are required to carry a cartridge fuse. The fuse is manufactured to BS 1362 and are normally rated at 3, 5, 10, or 13 amperes. ”

    It says on the packaging “UK plug standard”, so I guess it is fused, so won’t be much use as a suicide device.

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