Eee PC Shoved Inside A Keyboard


Forget netbooks. Displays and portability are both overrated. You need peripherals with entire PCs shoved into them and you need them now, hungry man. Lucky for you, ASUS had just enough time to whip up a keyboard with a whole goddamned computer shoved inside it. Standard 1.6Ghz Intel Atom CPU, 1GB of RAM, etc. Not a powerhouse, but hey, it’ll do.

The kicker is that the Eee PC Keyboard has a small five-inch touchscreen you can use in conjunction with an external display. It even has HDMI out! Wow! I hope you’re as wet as I am, ’cause I’m ready to drop the $400 on this bad boy.


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  1. Needs a high-quality projection coming out the top, with a way to aim it. Then I’d take it everywhere.

  2. In 30 years it will be the next C64.

  3. I’m not ready to dump 400 clammers on that piece of shat.

  4. Didn’t the Commodore 64 do this? Hardly a novel concept really. This looks a bit nicer though, I’ll admit!

  5. The difference with this is that it has wireless hdmi so you have a media center remote that is the entire media center with no need for another box near your tv. Pretty sweet.

  6. Ironically my first computer was all in the keyboard. A Z80 powered Tandy TRS80. It was a tad slow mind.

  7. it is funny how we have gone full circle

  8. So… it has CD/DVD compatible BluRay inside the keyboard, too? No? Well, it is not much of a ‘media center’ without disc playback. FWIW, the Asus I’m posting thru is a 1.6GHz Atom with 1G ram, 4G SSD. I’m living with 1024×600 non-touch screen for half that price. Tiny touchscreen and twice the price, using old Atom N270??

  9. PCs keeps getting smaller and smaller… Phones are getting bigger…

  10. Uh… Can we say Commadore 64?

  11. What a complete piece of crap.

  12. Uh…Can we say Digital Group ?

  13. Uh… Can we say COCK ?

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