Earth’s New Public Enemy: Asteroid 2010 ST3

The Panoramic Survey Telescope and Rapid Response System, also known as Pan-STARRS or even more pithily, PS1, is a 1.4 gigapixel telescopic camera stationed at Mount Haleakala in Hawaii, specially designed to alert us Earthlings to any space objects which might pose a threat to our existence. After only three months in action, PS1 has found one.

The 150 feet across asteroid designated 2010 ST3 will pass within 9 million miles of Earth in October and has a slight chance of colliding with our home planet in 2098. A collision with an asteroid of this size would create an impact as powerful as a 20 megaton bomb, 1,000 times stronger than the bombing of Hiroshima. The actual chance of 2010 ST3 hitting Earth is very slight, so don’t start building a shelter for your grandkids just yet.

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  1. Now here is another excuse to weaponize space. The next one will be E.T.s Please don’t be fooled by this attempt at bringing us into a one world government .

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