Earthquake Hits East Coast, Twitter Explodes

As I was sitting in my computer chair yesterday, I suddenly felt the ground start to shake. At first, I thought they were just doing construction in the apartment below me, until I heard books and dishes falling from shelves in the other room. An earthquake on the east coast, seriously?

On August 23rd, nearly the entire eastern United States experienced a minor earthquake, which was centered around a 5.8 quake in the sticks of Virginia. However, when the shaking started, did we all try to find shelter? Nope. Thousands of people rushed to Twitter instead, tweeting about how their potted plants were shaking.

I suppose it’s a sign of our social media-obsessed culture when sharing our experiences takes precedence over — oh, I don’t know, personal safety? Given, it was an extremely minor earthquake, but seeing “Earthquakepocalypse” trending on Twitter was still an amusing sign of how much we really rely on social networks for personal interaction.


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