Earth Hour Looks to Have Been a Big Disappointment

So, who took part in “Earth Hour” over the weekend?! … yeah, me neither. But don’t fret — we are not alone. In fact, with a few notable exceptions, “Earth Hour” was something of a bust. In Toronto, “Earth Hour” only saw a 5% drop in electricity consumption, and both Toledo, Ohio and Calgary, Alberta in Canada more or less ignored the event outright.

It wasn’t a total bust, however. The below image is from Dubai, which conserved some 249,000 KW.

Something about a major metropolitan area being almost completely dark that just gives me the willies. Anyways, how was “Earth Hour” for you? Personally, I turned on every light in the house, powered on all three household PCs and played Halo: Reach. Then I remembered that it was Earth Hour around 9pm and spent the next half-hour trying to figure out how to cut down a tree while not leaving the house.

Sadly, I failed in this objective.


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