Dupont Self-Charging Smoke Detector reinvents a commonplace item

dupont smoke detectorThe combination of innovative technology and household safety is an area that is beginning to grow. Small items are utilizing various parts of our homes to become just a step above what we currently have. The DuPont Screw-In Self-Charging Smoke Alarm utilizes your light socket to do more than your current smoke alarm.

So many of us have the built in smoke alarms. It’s that thing that makes the most annoying sound when you burn the turkey in the oven (not this year at least!), or when it needs its battery replaced. While DuPont’s new smoke alarm won’t do much to solve the first problem, the second is covered. Because it uses your light socket, there is no need for batteries, it just uses the power the lightbulb normally would. Don’t worry, the lightbulb is still taken care of because the smoke detector has a place for you to screw the lightbulb into it. This device is useful and doesn’t get in anyone’s way. Innovative technology in a place that, once it’s done, seems so obvious an idea. Just don’t forget to leave the light switch on. — Nik Gomez

Dupont Self-Charging Smoke Detector [via ShinyShiny]

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  1. Where can I buy a Dupont self charging smoke detector?

  2. …what if there’s a fire during a power cut? say an electrical fire which blows a fuse or trips a safety??
    bit of a health hazard this one, potentially 🙁

  3. I purchase one of these. I tested it with Electric on and off. works great. They recommend put a bulb with a maximun wattage of 60.

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