Duel Systems ends hardship of ExpressCard notebook users

duel systems dueladapter

The new laptops are coming out with ExpressCard slots, which can be a nice change; too bad all the companies that produce PC cards must not have gotten the memo because the number of ExpressCards pales in comparison to all the PC cards out there. Well now Duel systems ended that hardship with the release of the DuelAdaptor. What this does is it allows you to plug in a PC card in one end and then the other end plugs into your ExpressCard slot. Duel Systems brags about how this is faster than PC card to USB, and if they are right, this could be a high selling product. Many people already have old PC cards, and many are also looking for ExpressCards for their specific need and canít seem to find them. If people find out about this thing, the PC card manufacturers wonít have to switch over to Express, they can just sit on their cans and watch everyone change for them. The DuelAdaptor is set to come out early next month for an estimated price of $119. As of right now this is a good fix for those of us with ExpressCard slots, but everyone else should get on it with this and start making ExpressCards for us; we can take so many wires on our desk. — Nick Rice

CES 2007: Duel Systems Brings PC Cards to ExpressCard Laptops [Gearlog]

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