Dude Creates Wireless SEGA Genesis Controller


I have a soft spot in my heart for SEGA’s 16-bit Genesis console. I remember playing hours of Vectorman and Cosmic Spacehead, sitting in front of the television set until my eyes begged for a rest. To think now, that I could have been doing it all wirelessly, just like hacker Jakob Griffith. He rigged an old Mad Catz Genesis controller with a wireless transmitter and with a little luck, got it to work perfectly. Hey, better a hacker get his hands on a Genesis than a terrorist.

Want to make your own? Jakob has kindly provided excellent detailed instructions with pictures on his website. Check it out!


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  1. There’s actually an official SEGA six button wireless Mega Drive/Genesis controller and it’s extremely responsive and reliable, i actually modded a Model-1 a couple of weeks ago and fitted the receiver internally as the receiver looks kinda odd on a Model-1.

    Great Hack though mate!

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